TurfMaker® 1200 Deck & Railing Hydroseeder

Pump further for longer – the flagship TurfMaker 1200 hydroseeder will handle any revegetation job you can throw at it. Push mulch through 150 meters of hose,  or spray direct from multiple mounted cannons, whatever your requirement the Turfmaker 1200 hydroseeder will deliver.

ONLY Turf Maker will mix and apply every hydro mulch and soil binder product available on the market.

The TurfMaker® 1200 hydroseeder is ideal for large revegetation and erosion control applications. Just like the entire Turfmaker Hydroseeder range the Turfmaker 1200 hydroseeder can mix and apply every wood fiber hydromulch at the heaviest recommended rates. Use Paper, blended mulches, dust control products, soil binders, if its available the Turfmaker 1200 hydroseeder will handle it, and cover 1200 to 2700 square metres with a single tank load.

The Turfmaker 1200 is a deck and rail configuration that allows you to carry up to a tonne of mulch. Loading is a breeze using the mulch load chute, and the on board flush system makes it easy to clean the entire machine in just minutes.

Turfmaker 1200 Hydroseeder – big performance and big capacity.
ONLY TurfMaker will mix and pump any available Hydraulic mulch or soil binder on the market.


Tank Size


Mulch per tank


Standard Engine

55hp Kohler Diesel Electric Start

Standard Pump

3" Turf Maker Positive displacement Gear

Empty Weight


Loaded Weight


Typical Length


Typical Width


Height – deck


Fuel Tank Capacity



Mechanical Paddle

Hydromulch Calculator

Mulch rate / HaBales / tankCoverage / tankTanks / Ha
3500 10 649 15.4
2000 10 1135 8.8
1200 10 1892 5.3
Note: Long distance applications depend on larger engines to get the most distance from the end of the nozzle.
Up to 150 spray distance from the end of the nozzle
** Blended mulches can be loaded more or less depending upon brand and density.


  • User Friendly, High Productivity, Labor Saving
  • Special Long Life Positive Displacement Pump
  • Thick Wood Mulch Applications
  • Long Hoses up to 150 metres
  • No Clogs – Clear Water Hose Flushing System
  • Integrated Clear Water Holding Tank
  • Tower Applications up to 40 Metres
  • Carrying Deck for more than a Ton of Mulch

Big Machine Performance – Affordable Price MULCH CAPACITIES:

  • Wood Mulch (100%) – 240 kg per tank load
  • Paper Mulch – 270 kg per tank load
  • Blended Mulch – 240 Kg per tank load
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix – 240 kg per tank load

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