The TurfMaker® 1000 Hydroseeder

ONLY Turf Maker will mix and apply every hydro mulch and soil binder product available on the market.

Big Machine Performance at an Affordable Price

The TurfMaker ® 1000 hydroseeder can cover large areas with a single tank load. When making thin applications on budget-sensitive jobs, paper mulch can be used to cover as much as an acre with one tank load. When going for Sod Quality Results™, a quality minded contractor can use 100% wood fiber mulch applied at heavy rates and cover 1000 – 1200 m2.

When making applications with the hose, up to as many as 15 tank loads can be applied in a normal workday, assuming water for re-filling is readily available. When making hydro-seeding applications from the tower, and with water readily available, it would not be unreasonable to apply 25 tank loads in a day.

The most common water source for re-filling is usually a near-by fire hydrant. When a fire hydrant or some other appropriate source of water is not available, a TurfMaker ® can be equipped with an optional self filling system to fill the tank with water from an auxiliary water tank. Water can also be brought to the machine with a water truck. On job sites where water is some distance away, using an auxiliary water tank or a water truck can substantially reduce the total time on the job.

The powerful, direct-drive mechanical agitation system quickly mixes up to 190 kg of 100% Wood Fiber Mulch or up to 225 kg of shredded paper in one tank load. With the positive displacement pump, thick mulch slurries can be pumped through up to 150 metres of hose, and then spray more than 25 metres from the end of the hose. For the best and highest quality applications, tackifiers are always recommended. Envirofix premiuim hydromulch tackifier ® is a leading erosion control tackifier that makes slurries extremely slick, reducing or eliminating clogs. Envirofix premiuim hydromulch tackifier ® also increases moisture retention and enhances seed germination.

The TurfMaker ® 1000 hydroseeder can be mounted on a heavy duty flat bed truck, on a heavy-duty utility trailer, or can be purchased on the custom heavy duty two axle trailer.


Tank Size


Mulch per tank


Standard Engine

36hp kohler Electric Start

Standard Pump

2" Turf Maker Positive displacement Gear

Empty Weight


Loaded Weight


Typical Length


Typical Width


Height – deck


Fuel Tank Capacity



Mechanical Paddle

Hydromulch Calculator

Mulch rate / HaBales / tankCoverage / tankTanks / Ha
3500 8 519 19.3
2000 8 908 11.0
1200 8 1514 6.6
Note: Long distance applications depend on larger engines to get the most distance from the end of the nozzle.
Up to 150 spray distance from the end of the nozzle
** Blended mulches can be loaded more or less depending upon brand and density.


  • Powerful Mechanical Agitation
  • Positive Displacement Gear Pump
  • Optional Clear Water Hose Flushing System
  • Optional Self Filling with Auxiliary Tank
  • Optional Tower with Gun Assembly
  • Numerous Engine Choices


  • Wood Mulch (100%) – 190 kg per tank load
  • Paper Mulch – 225 kg per tank load
  • Blended Mulch – 205 kg per tank load
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix – 190 kg per tank load

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