Load more, spray more, make more.


The Turf Maker range of hydroseeders are the result of over 30 years of continuous design evolution. Each and every model in the Turf Maker Hydroseeder lineup are built to withstand the toughest conditions.

The Turf Maker range has proven itself in this demanding industry as being the most durable, high performance and cost efficient available.

Powerful Pump

The Gear Pumps in Turf Maker machines are constructed with durable steel – inside and out – making for much longer life, and providing better pumping power for pushing thick slurries through long hoses.

Clear Water System

Since clogging in the hose can be a big problem, it’s important to flush through any dried mulch whenever spraying is stopped for more than a few minutes. Turf Maker machines come with clear water holding tanks to allow clear water flushing.
There are various sizes of tanks, making your spraying job quicker by not requiring you to return to the water source.

Fast, User-Friendly Loading

When it’s a long, hot day, you want to get the job done right the first time. The design of Turf Maker machines allows you to quickly and easily place the mulch onto the loading surface then directly into the tank. Fast and easy.

Powerful Agitation for Fast Loading

Fast machine loading is the key to more tank loads in any workday. With a powerful agitation system, loading mulch is quick and easy. Mix any thick “super mulch” almost instantly.

Easy Cleaning

Save 10 to 15 minutes cleaning a tank (compared to competitors) with the Turf Maker sensible design. With no mulch catch points and no cross members inside the tank, cleaning your tank is easy and fast.

Let us help you

If you’re looking for something specific or you’re not sure whether Turf Maker machines are right for you, get in touch with us. We’d love to hear about your goals and challenges, and customise a solution that meets your needs.

Machine Options

Turf Maker machines are designed to be flexible and tailored to your requirements. Below are a few of the features you can customise

Hydraulic or Mechanical Drive

There are pros and cons to hydraulic and mechanical power mechanisms, and we can guide you as to which option may be the best for your requirements. Rather than being about the performance of the machine (in which there’s no difference), it’s about recovery from operator error, horsepower requirements, and cost.

Petrol or Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are typically more fuel efficient, and are the more premium initial option. Choose the engine that’s right for you.

Low Profile Models

We have a range of low profile models that make loading and mixing simple and easy. They also come with a range of optional extras.

Deck and Railing Models

We have a range of deck and railing models that can be mounted as you require, making the job as easy and safe as possible.

Hard Hose or “Lay Flat” Hose

While Collapsible Hoses are light and ‘lay flat’, Hard Hoses can be wrapped around a reel. Once again there are pros and cons to each option, let us guide you through them to find the right solution for your project.


We have a wide variety of trailer types, ready to suit your Turf Maker system.

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For over 30 years Turf maker has been supplying hydroseeding equipment to revegetation and erosion control professionals. If it’s a powerful and reliable hydro seeder you need, there’s a Turf Maker model to get the job done.

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