The TurfMaker® 550 Hydroseeder

Turfmaker 550 – the proven workhorse of the hydroseeding industry for over 30 years. Big enough to cover large areas quickly yet small enough to get into those tight spots.

ONLY Turf Maker will mix and apply every hydro mulch and soil binder product available on the market.

A Real Hydroseeding Machine for Sod Quality Results

The Turf Maker 550 can hydroseed a huge area in just a few hours. It’s large enough to mix and apply 90kg of Bonded Fibre Matrix wood mulch or 135kg of paper mulch with one tank load. If you have good access to water or an auxiliary tank it’s fast enough to apply four tank loads per hour.

The area planted with one tank load will range dramatically depending on the mulch application rate, as a rule thicker mulch applications will yield better and more reliable results.

The Turf Maker 550 hydroseeder has a power mechanical agitation system, and in common configuration will pump BFM mulch slurry through 50 M of hose and then spray a further 25m from the end of the hose. With this power and capacity the Turf Maker 550 hydroseeder can often apply more mulch and hydroseed more area per hour than larger machines that can’t pump such thick slurries. It’s not necessary to use a lot of water to apply a lot of mulch.

For those smaller jobs, the Turf Maker 550 hydroseeder will also mix and pump as little as 500 L of hydro mulch slurry. The compactness and versatility of the Turf Maker 550 hydroseeder means it can also be taken into places that larger machines simply can’t get to.

The Turf Maker 550 is the great allrounder, no job is too big or small.

Options to consider:

  • Clear Water flush with tank
  • Tower option with turret gun
  • Electric hose reel
  • Live hose
  • Dual axle trailed version
  • Skid mount / truck mount

ONLY TurfMaker will mix and pump any available Hydraulic mulch or soil binder on the market.


Tank Size


Mulch per tank


Standard Engine

21hp Honda Electric Start

Standard Pump

2" Turf Maker Positive displacement Gear

Empty Weight


Loaded Weight


Typical Length


Typical Width


Height – deck


Fuel Tank Capacity



Mechanical Paddle

Hydromulch Calculator

Mulch rate / HaBales / tankCoverage / tankTanks / Ha
3500 4 285 35.0
2000 4 499 20.0
1200 4 832 12.0
Note: Long distance applications depend on larger engines to get the most distance from the end of the nozzle.
Up to 150 spray distance from the end of the nozzle
** Blended mulches can be loaded more or less depending upon brand and density.


  • Powerful Mechanical Agitation
  • Positive Displacement Gear Pump
  • Optional Self Filling with Auxiliary Tank
  • Optional Clear Water
  • Hose Flushing System
  • Hydro-Sprigging & Vegetative Planting
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix Products as Specified

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