The TurfMaker® 325 Hydroseeder

The Turf Maker 325 is the most robust and capable hydroseeder of its size.

ONLY Turf Maker will mix and apply every hydro mulch and soil binder product available on the market.

The Turf Maker 325 has mechanical agitation as standard, and also comes with the purpose designed Turf Maker positive displacement gear pump.
The Turf Maker 325 will surprise you with its affordability and superior performance. It is also a cost effective solution rather than choosing the lighter duty plastic jet agitation machines that are limited to soupy slurries of paper mulch that wash out easily and often yield spotty germination.

Our most popular configuration will mix and pump up to 70 kg of wood fibre or even more paper mulch per load, and then pump that slurry through 60 metres of Turf Maker Hydroseeding hose. Lighter slurries will pump even further thanks to the unique Turf Maker positive displacement pump.

Popular options available include:

  • Petrol or diesel power
  • Clear Water Flush system
  • Hose and reel options
  • Dual axel trailed
  • Skid mounted.

Professional installers choose Turf Maker to ensure they achieve turf quality results and avoid the problems associated with jet agitated plastic machines that claim “performance” but only to often yield poor results and poor customer satisfaction. Spraying coloured water is not good business, however providing a hydro seeding service using appropriate applications of quality mulch will produce turf quality results. This good service results in satisfied customers and good future referral business.

Load and mix time for the 325 is less than 5 minutes. Similar to larger Turf Maker models the 325 has a convenient load shute that makes it quick and easy to add mulch of any description and packaging. The loading ability of a Turf Maker hydroseeder is another notable feature that you should consider before making a decision to purchase a new machine.


Tank Size


Mulch per tank


Standard Engine

14hp Kohler Electric Start

Standard Pump

2" Turf Maker Positive displacement Gear

Empty Weight


Loaded Weight


Typical Length


Typical Width


Height – deck


Fuel Tank Capacity



Mechanical Paddle

Hydromulch Calculator

Mulch rate / HaBales / tankCoverage / tankTanks / Ha
3500 3 169 59.3
2000 3 295 33.9
1200 3 492 20.3
Note: Long distance applications depend on larger engines to get the most distance from the end of the nozzle.
Up to 150 spray distance from the end of the nozzle
** Blended mulches can be loaded more or less depending upon brand and density.

Some popular options to consider

Clear Water Flush System with a flush tank

Premium Hardened pump with steel gears

Live hose reels

Amber flashing light

Extra fine nozzles

Tool boxes


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